September 2018

Impact investment as a practice remains nascent in Africa but has the potential to significantly contribute to the continent’s economic growth and development objectives. Over the last decade, private financial flows to Africa have already started to rise, however they have not been sufficiently deployed in the provision of products and services to address the continent’s development challenges. Read on to find more about areas where impact investment can make a difference and key challenges on pp. 12-13.

The dynamic and diverse impact investing landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa requires a tailored approach, sector knowledge, presence and experience in local markets. In this month’s issue we speak with one of the experts in the field - Goodwill Investments - the firm focused on financial inclusion and inclusive growth that has recently launched a new fund for investments in the inclusive economy in Sub-Saharan Africa (pp.14-15).

In this month’s issue of AGF we also learn about the South African listed bond market and JSE All Bond Index (ALBI) in particular. Read on to find what has happened to the ALBI over the past 10 years and whether exposure to the ALBI is a good thing (pp.9-11).

In addition, we also look into Zimbabwe’s elections. Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa had regarded the recent elections as his opportunity to rehabilitate the country in the eyes of the international community. To what extent has that opportunity been lost? Find more on pp.16-17.

Finally, in this month’s issue we also get a glimpse of  Bright Africa 2018 report. Where to start when looking to invest in Africa? Read on to find more on p.22.

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