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September 2017

The recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Kenya to nullify the results of the presidential election caught Kenyans and the rest of the world off-guard. In this month’s issue we focus on this East African nation, investment opportunities in the country and the aftermath of the election. Read on to find more on pp. 13-15.

In this month’s issue we also focus on Ghana as most Ghanaian stocks have rallied this year with the MSCI Ghana up 73% and the Ghana Stock Exchange Composite Index up 37% YTD. Nevertheless, Cornelis Vlooswijk of Robeco says that most Africa and frontier funds have a very limited part of their portfolio invested in Ghana and for emerging markets funds Ghana is apparently a no-go area (pp. 16-17).

In this edition, Said Desaque of Desaque Macro Research writes that Africa faces global quantitative tightening. Read on to find why SSA economic and fiscal backdrop remains shaky and why there are big problems for CEMAC countries on pp. 18-19.

On the private equity front, of the $16.5bn raised by private equity funds for investment in Africa between 2011-2016, a significant chunk, worth $10.6bn is already being channelled towards infrastructure, says Paul Frankish of African Infrastructure Investment Managers. Find out why infrastructure is the most promising investment opportunity for those prepared to take a longer-term position (pp.20-21).

Finally, we catch up with Chai Musoni, Partner & CEO at Vakayi Capital, to learn more about the company, its recent investment and opportunities in Zimbabwe (p.26).



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