October 2018

Africa is a marketplace of over a billion people to whom China has since 2000 lent $125bn.  China is looking strategically to the future to reduce its reliance on price as its trade advantage. This is especially important for China as its cost of labour and production increase. Part of China’s plans for the future include Africa. In this month’s issue Sven RIchter, Fund Manager at Drakens Capital Fund Managers, looks at China’s One Belt One Road Initiative and what it means for Africa (pp. 12-13).

This month, we caught up with Ann Leepile, Head of Absa Asset Management, to discuss the firm, its franchise model and how to succeed as a female in a male-dominated industry. Read on to find out what Ann has to say about the best performing asset class, Absa Africa Fund and new fund launches (pp.14-15).

In this edition, we also learn about energy investing in the Southern Africa Community Development (SADC) region. Kasief Isaacs, Portfolio Manager | Unlisted Investments (SADC focus), Mergence Investment Managers, writes about energy investment opportunities within SADC and challenges of investing (pp 16-17).

Finally, Robert Coffey, Managing Partner at Cooke, Young and Keidan, looks into Tanzania’s PPP (Amendments) Act 2018 and what it means for international investors (p.22).

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