March 2018

In this month’s issue of AGF, we catch up with Felix Bikpo of the African Guarantee Fund. Read on to find what’s the Fund is all about, the need for SME’s lending and Africa’s growth prospects.

Our market feature focuses on Egypt. Last month, Mediterrania Capital Partners, concluded its first investment in this North African country. Khaled Saba, Senior Country Advisor for the firm, shares his views about PE activity in Egypt and tells why he thinks it’s a good time to invest.

On the private equity front, we also look at exit activity. While 2017 only saw a trickle of divestments, some private equity firms nevertheless managed impressive sell-offs during the period. Find more on the outlook for exits in the coming months.

In this edition, Roger H. Hartmann, Member of the Scientific Committee of Label R; Member of the Board of Directors of SQOPE S.A, shares his thoughts about ESG and its importance for funds and investors.

Finally, Charl Bruyns, Head, Investor Services, Standard Bank, writes that African local capital markets, domestic institutions and favourable demographics are converging. This is seeing many countries take control of their own investment and growth agendas.

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