July 2017

In this month’s issue of Africa Global Funds we focus on macroeconomic situation in the region. The Africa Rising thesis has been reinforced, not undermined, by the events of recent years, says Charles Robertson of Renaissance Capital. “By accepting the trajectory of growth has improved, we can encourage investors to return to Africa quicker than would otherwise by the case” (pp. 14-15).

In addition, The Fund for Peace, a Washington-based organisation working to prevent violent conflict and promote sustainable security, has published its Fragile States Index (FSI) for 2017. Read on to find what it means for Africa (pp.16-17).

This month we also hear from Mark van Wyk of Mergence Investment Managers. He shares his thoughts on a water type REIPPP programme in South Africa (pp.18-19).

On a fundraising front, learn about Mediterrania Capital Partners’s new fund that the firm announced earlier this year. Albert Alsina, CEO, says that the firm has five unique differentiators that investors should consider (pp. 20-21).

Last but not least, Debbie O’Hanlon of RisCura writes why the current muted growth environment in Africa presents a unique opportunity for private equity managers (p.26).

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