February 2018

In this month’s issue  we focus on passive investing. Mike Brown, Managing Director, etfSA.co.za covers the State of the South African Exchange Traded Product (ETP) Industry. Read on to find more about funds in the space. In addition, we speak with with Zack Bezuidenhoudt, Head of South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, S&P Dow Jones Indices, to discuss index-based products and passive investing.

On the PE front, Justin Partington, Group Fund Solutions Leader, SGG Group, shares his thoughts on contribution that Private Equity can make to the financing of infrastructure in Africa. The issue was brought into sharp focus at the recent SuperReturn Africa Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, which brought together a number of experts to consider the current challenges and potential solutions.

In addition, Mark Buncombe, Group Head, Mining and Metals, Standard Bank, writes about prospects for African mining in 2018. He says that sustained commodity price growth and reduced costs are combining new technology trends with synchronised global growth to present Africa’s mining sector with the best prospects in over a decade.   

Finally, Samer Salty, CIO, DiGAME Investment Company, covers the subject of Africa ‘leapfrogging’ developments through technology.

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