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AGF Magazine - May 2019 issue

  • Analysis: The Cookie-Cutter Conundrum: Deploying Dry Powder in SSA
  • Analysis: How the evolution of the African model for PE sector continues to attract innovative solutions?
  • Comment: How International Financial Centres Can Fuel African Economic Development
  • News: Launch of the first impact investing platform in Mauritius
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Why your Due Diligence team should be Indigenous

Thabo Mokate, Senior Consultant, EBS Advisory
May 21, 2018, 5:24 p.m.

Word count: 1190

More than 90% of the capital raised by Private Equity comes from outside the continent, yet the value is created in the dusty, bustling markets of Africa. Doesn’t Private Equity in Africa similarly run the risk of become insulated from groundswells at the bottom of the pyramid – i.e. the consumers upon whom their investments depend? After all, most GP professionals learnt their skills in the investment banks of Johannesburg, Europe or New York. How do GP’s resident in the global capital markets of the world remain in touch with the reality of African markets?

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