June 2018

In this month’s issue of Africa Global Funds, we focus on South Africa. Bernard Drotschie of Melville Douglas says that although policy uncertainty with regards to land ownership and the Mining Charter remains, investors should not lose sight of the recent positive changes implemented by president Ramaphosa. Learn why South Africa appears well positioned for an improvement in growth momentum on pp.12-13. 

Oliver Bell of T. Rowe Price, shares a similar view, saying that South Africa might be at a major inflection point as the former President Zuma is replaced by reform-minded and market friendly Cyril Ramaphosa. The fund manager is also excited about Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria. Read on to find more about the T. Rowe Price Middle East & Africa Fund as well as top stock picks in Africa (pp. 14-15).

In this month’s edition, Tim Hutchinson of Standard Bank, writes about Africa’s fintech activity and innovation. He says that the evolution to electronic foreign currency trading in Africa, whilst slow to start, is today gaining tremendous traction. Find more, why the foreign exchange flows that Africa’s expanding fintech culture supports are very important to the continent’s financial services providers (pp. 16-17).

Finally, Anouar Boukhars, Associate professor of international relations, McDaniel College in Westminster,  looks into Tunisia and its democratic process (p.22).

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