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January 2018

Happy New Year, we hope your 2018 has gotten off to a good start! In the January edition of Africa Global Funds magazine, we hear from Phatisa and their partnership with the African Development Bank. Stuart Bradley, Joint Managing Partner, and Vincent Destieu, Principal Phatisa, explain the significant opportunity of investing in Africa, and the ways AfDB has supported its work (pp. 12-13).

On the private equity front, we also speak with Wildu du Plessis, Head of Africa at Baker McKenzie in Johannesburg, about how the nature of deals, exits and fundraising activity has changed in Southern African private equity throughout the years (pp.14-15).

For those interested in real estate, read on to find where you should be focusing your attention in 2018. James Maclean – Director of Real Estate, Fusion Capital, shares his views on where to invest and areas to avoid (p.16).

In this month’s issue we also learn that Permanent Capital Vehicles (PCVs) are becoming increasingly popular in private equity, being deployed in emerging markets and Sub-Saharan Africa in particular. Find out more on p 17.

Finally, Aditi Khimasia and Dominic Rebelo of Anjarwalla & Khanna write about merger control developments in Kenya on p.22.

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