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responsAbility provides $4m to REDAVIA

Staff writer
Oct. 17, 2018, 9:42 p.m.

Word count: 391

Solar technology company REDAVIA and the responsAbility-managed climate fund have signed a $4m financing agreement for REDAVIA's Ghanaian subsidiary. 

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Solar technology company REDAVIA and the responsAbility-managed climate fund have signed a $4m financing agreement for REDAVIA's Ghanaian subsidiary. 

Stefan Issler, Head Energy Debt Financing – Direct Investments at responsAbility, said: “We are thrilled to expand our financing activity in the distributed energy area by adding a provider of a scalable business model for the industrial and commercial sector to our portfolio. The reliable availability of affordable electricity is a key prerequisite for economic development, and we are pleased to actively support REDAVIA in their contribution to the SDGs.”

The debt financing will allow REDAVIA to supply Ghana’s industrial and commercial sector with affordable, reliable and clean power generated through modular solar farms.

responsAbility and REDAVIA have worked together on this innovative and first of its kind debt facility, the Industrializing Africa Solar Funding Platform, which combines an efficient use of funds and a scalable facility for other potential funding partners.

REDAVIA offers solar power for businesses and communities with a regional focus on East and West Africa. 

The Germany-based company with subsidiaries in Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya and Luxembourg has a proven track-record in solar farm design, manufacturing, deployment and maintenance and targets the local business community including agro-foods processing, manufacturing, public infrastructure, hospitality & real estate companies, mining & minerals, communities and utilities.

The REDAVIA solar farm is based on a pre-configured system, consisting of high-performance solar modules and high-quality electrical components. 

Flexible lease agreements allow customers a cost-effective, reliable and clean energy solution with just a minimal upfront investment, and operational adaptability to market changes.

REDAVIA solar power enables a seamless integration into the existing electricity supply infrastructure of a business or community to ensure a more cost-effective and cleaner energy mix - with diesel generators, in a battery set-up or as a reliable complement to grid-connected power. 

As such, REDAVIA is supporting the reduction of carbon emissions and increasing the impact on a sustainable society.

“Ghana continues to be a very promising market for us and we are excited that responsAbility has the trust and confidence in our ability to deliver and add value to its portfolio,” said Erwin Spolders, CEO and Founder of REDAVIA. 

“This partnership will empower us to grow further and faster in the country, subsequently enabling Ghanaian companies to save money and thrive - thanks to REDAVIA solar power.”

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