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Stanlib Creates Single Centre For Multi-Asset Investing

Anna Lyudvig
April 3, 2023, 5:31 p.m.

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Stanlib has combined its multi-asset investment activities into a single centre managed by the existing Stanlib Multi-Strategy investment team.

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Stanlib has combined its multi-asset investment activities into a single centre managed by the existing Stanlib Multi-Strategy investment team.

As a consequence, the Stanlib Balanced and Balanced Cautious funds and institutional balanced accounts will transition to the remit of the Stanlib Multi-Strategy team.

Mark Lovett, Stanlib Head of Investments, said: “In a dynamic environment, it remains critical that we continuously review, refine and simplify our investment offerings and that our fund managers are able to use multiple levers to deliver returns for clients.”

“The transition to the Multi-Strategy team will expand the Stanlib Balanced and Balanced Cautious funds’ access to broader asset allocation opportunities, across multiple asset classes and sub-strategies, as well as a strong underlying risk management process, once the required regulatory steps have been finalised.”

The multi-strategy investing approach offers investors dynamically managed, fully diversified multi-asset portfolios that aim to grow capital consistently and smoothly over the long term through skilful asset allocation and granular risk management.

These portfolios take an unbiased style and factor approach to portfolio construction and risk budgeting.

According to Lovett, over the past ten years, Stanlib developed a multi-strategy capability with an investment process and philosophy geared for greater flexibility. Led by Marius Oberholzer, the Multi-Strategy investment team has grown to a portfolio of 10 managers, analysts and strategists with deep expertise and combined experience of 160 years.

The team has delivered strong investment performance over the long term across the sizable funds and client mandates which they manage, said Lovett.

“In addition, the multi-strategy philosophy and process have been core to the success of the Stanlib Absolute Plus Fund, which has delivered strong and consistent performance over the past eight years,” he said.

As co-manager on both the Balanced and Balanced Cautious funds, Herman van Velze will play an instrumental role in transitioning these funds to the Multi-Strategy team.

Lovett commented: “Herman has played a key part over the last few years in re-invigorating our balanced capability and has shown exceptional leadership through this process. The product transition to the Multi-Strategy team is part of the considered and broader succession plan for his responsibilities. Herman will continue to lead Stanlib’s Equity team and capability.”

After many years of dedicated service to Stanlib, Henk Viljoen will retire as portfolio manager at the end of April 2023.

He has played a pivotal role in Stanlib’s success over the years.

“In addition to his multiple award-winning capabilities in our Fixed Income investment team, Henk actively nurtured talent within the firm to ultimately handover the management of the Fixed Income team to Victor Mphaphuli in 2019. Since that time, Henk has been deeply involved in guiding our balanced capability.”

“Henk has passed his formal retirement date and has expressed a desire to step back from day-to- day responsibilities. We are grateful to Henk for his many years of dedicated service and wish him all the best in his retirement.”

“As a progressive asset manager, Stanlib’s focus is always on client outcomes and that we follow global best-practice. Ultimately, our clients will benefit from the flexibility our portfolio managers will be able to leverage as a result of consolidating our multi-asset investment activities into a single centre of excellence,” Lovett said.

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